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Culinary skills

The art of cooking like a chef

Many amateur cooks would like to master the art of cooking like a chef. To do so, they will have to start by acquiring the fundamentals to succeed first with classic recipes. If the technical aspect is of major importance in cooking, there is one thing that is just as important. It is the choice of ingredients. Indeed, the success of any dish is intimately linked to these indispensable elements for its preparation. So you have to know how to choose them well. Seasoning is also one of the actions that a cook must master, more on



Preparation and cooking

Chef's recipes for cooking success
every time

Aperitifs and tapas

Before serving the main meal to your guests, you can make them a little patient with appetizers accompanied by aperitif drinks. Tapas, a classic of Spanish cuisine, are an excellent idea for an aperitif.


Sauces are preparations very frequently made in the kitchen to accompany several dishes. An example is the tomato sauce that accompanies pasta. There is also b├ęchamel sauce, mayonnaise sauce…

Sweet endings

These are sweet little cakes that are usually served to your guests at the end of a meal. They come in a multitude of forms and some people’s recipes can even be revisited. They can be macaroons…

Cocktails and drinks

Cooking is not just about preparing tasty dishes for your guests. It is also to know some recipes for drinks and cocktails to make by yourself. These can be alcoholic drinks or fruit juices.

Best chef's dishes preferred by French people

Prime Rib

This piece of meat can be cooked in several ways (grilled, pan-fried, in the oven…). It can be accompanied by a sauce in some recipes.

The duck’s breast

It is a classic of French cuisine that you can easily prepare at home. All you have to do is choose the type of cooking and season it well.

Veal Blanquette

The recipe consists of cooking the veal in a kind of broth where various ingredients such as vegetables but also white sauce are incorporated.

The lamb’s leg

There are several recipes based on leg of lamb. It can be baked in the oven and accompanied by vegetables, a sauce and honey in some cases, more recipes on

Cook like a chef

Chef's tips and advice

Essential utensils

In the kitchen, it is essential to have the necessary equipment to properly prepare the various dishes. Among the essential utensils are pots, a casserole, a skimmer, a scale…

Cooking tips

The cooking tips to make life easier are not limited to how to prepare certain meals. Indeed, some of them present methods to preserve food, others to transform ingredients…

Automatic Food Processors

These devices are very practical and offer several features. Not only do they allow you to leather the food but also to cut and chop the various ingredients. In this way, dishes can be prepared quickly.

Chef’s decoration

Decorating a dish is one of the fundamentals when presenting it to guests. The chef can use his own techniques as well as accessories specially designed for this type of task.

Chocolate is an ingredient that is very often used in baking. It can be used in a variety of classic recipes such as cake, fudge or pie.