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The subtle art of making a good barbecue rib steak

For lovers of red meat, a prime rib is the real barbecue masterpiece. The key to a successful rib steak is preparation and cooking, which is the key to a perfect barbecue. Because a prime rib is worth a lot…

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Paella: how to make a success of this traditional and convivial Spanish dish?

Which fan of Spanish cuisine does not know paella, this typical and convivial dish? It can be cooked for one or more people. It is a very easy dish to make. No wonder many people love it. But concretely, where…

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Sweet and savoury marriage: duck breasts always in the spotlight

Many, not to say too many things are to be expected at big events such as a wedding. But one of the reasons why yours will be successful and commonly appreciated by guests is the choice of menu. Many couples…

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The unstoppable recipe for uncontrollable beef bourguignon

Anyone who loves gastronomy, especially French gastronomy, knows all about the famous beef bourguignon. A typically French dish, synonymous with a gastronomic meal as well as an ideal meal to share with the family. It is a dish that is…

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Make your own foie gras: the new little pleasure of the end of the year

For the end of year festivities, opting for homemade foie gras creates a pleasant surprise, especially if you are not very good at cooking. Indeed, with good advice and an effective recipe, making a successful foie gras is within everyone’s…

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