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Steam oven: great chefs love it!

In today’s world of cooking, there are several pieces of equipment that you can use to make your tasks easier. Whether for chefs or for home use, this equipment can make kitchen maneuvers easy by offering you their performance. The…

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The yuzu madness: to be cooked in salty and sweet!

Few people know what Yuzu is. However, it is a very delicious food that is good for your taste buds and your body. Cooked in both sweet and savoury versions, it has many virtues that will be greatly appreciated by…

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The best accessories to sharpen your kitchen knives

In order to become a good starred chef, it is essential to have the best utensils. Kitchen knives are one of them. At some point, your knife starts to lose its original edge. Being used every day, their blade dulls…

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With the pastry robot: all the recipes at your fingertips!

The pastry robot is an indispensable appliance for chefs. It is also an almost indispensable kitchen utensil for many households. Available in several ranges, this equipment can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes, including pastry recipes. Find…

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Anti gaspi: all the things to do with fruit and vegetable peelings

For some time now, the goal of reducing the amount of food thrown in the garbage has opened up some great recipe ideas. The anti-waste kitchen has set a new culinary trend towards the use of peelings and other previously…

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Trend: preparing tea is not so complicated!

Everybody knows tea. Easy to prepare, it requires little more than water, sugar and the tea itself. However, using this product for your dishes can make them original both in terms of taste and smell. So if you want to…

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