Sweet and savoury marriage: duck breasts always in the spotlight

Many, not to say too many things are to be expected at big events such as a wedding. But one of the reasons why yours will be successful and commonly appreciated by guests is the choice of menu. Many couples are currently opting for sweet and savoury for their big day.

Sweet and salty is a good choice

Chinese cuisine has already proved itself for a long time now, whether in the area of gastronomic recipes or home cooking. But recently, it has also been in great demand for major events, be it a baptism, a wedding or any other celebration. But you should also know that sweet and sour does not necessarily mean Chinese cuisine. Many French cooks have recently tried it, and the result is bluffing. The question that arises is, what to serve in resistance to stay in the theme? The answer being quite simple, a duck breast recipe is the obvious choice.

The duck breast

The duck breast is the least fattening part of the duck. Indeed, duck is categorized as a fatty meat (50%) and is eaten in small quantities with quality and not in large quantities. It is also a choice piece that cooks and gastronomy enthusiasts, whatever its origin (French, Chinese, ...) choose with good heart. It is suitable for family events, such as festivities or for simpler occasions. Moreover, it can be cooked in several ways, salty, spicy, more than spicy and even sweet and salty.

Sweet and salty duck breast

The duck magret is a choice piece. The trick is to know how to cook it well, whether it is salty or sweet and sour. To give taste to this meat qualified as fat, it is necessary to know how to marry the tastes. To make it taste sweet and salty, several variations can be used. For those who like honey, for example, duck breast married with honey (maceration) is a real delight. Both tender and crispy, the taste of the sweet and salty is enhanced to its peak. Cooking with sugar (caramelized) is also a choice. For those who are in favour of sweet and salty, but in small doses, duck breast can be served with various fruits (preferably red) as an accompaniment. Candied fruit can also be the order of the day: candied orange, candied lemon, and even dates. Sweet and sour goes like a glove to the duck breast recipe, but spices such as cinnamon, ginger or pepper are also its prerogatives, because of its particularity (smell).
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