Aiming for lightness: how to lighten your pastry recipes?

Every woman dreams of only one thing, to eat whatever she wants, without putting on a single gram. Eating pastry is the most interesting thing. Yet pasta and all the ingredients in it make you gain weight quickly. Luckily, today there is a solution for lighter cooking. There is even a light pastry recipe. Here are a few tips that will help you cook cakes, ice cream and desserts while helping you keep your figure.

Choose fruit when preparing recipes

Eating healthy and making a low-fat pastry recipe is not only ideal for keeping your figure, but is also essential for staying healthy. Don't forget that sweets are bad for your health, they are the source of various diseases. It has been fashionable to use fruit in pastries for years. You can, for example, opt for crushed bananas, dried fruit, pineapples, etc. The aim is for the dough to be in small quantities. Instead of the cream that is between the two or three layers of pasta, you can use fruit.

Use agave syrup

If you want to lighten your desserts as well as your pastries, you can choose agave syrup. This syrup can actually replace high-calorie ingredients. It is considered less fat. For example, you can use it to replace sugar and honey. In addition, its flavour remains unmistakable and appetizing. According to various studies, agave syrup is also lower in calories. This means that if you use it as an ingredient in your low-fat pastry recipe, you will keep your figure and maintain your health.

Do not use eggs

Eggs are indeed an essential ingredient in baking. If you opt for light cooking, be aware that you can replace it with other ingredients. But it also depends on the recipe you are planning to make. If you need custard, you will not be able to do without egg yolks. In other situations, it is possible to replace the egg with a mixture of cornstarch and warm water. It is up to you and your cooking habits.
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