How to be well equipped to make your own cake pops?

In vogue for a few years now, cake pops have become a worldwide success. A real anti-waste way out, in addition to being delicious, these lollipop cakes now invite themselves into almost every festive occasion. The craze they originally generated at birthday parties has now taken them to more serious celebrations such as weddings. And yet, it's a simple recipe for recovery, and the cake pops equipment is still quite rudimentary. You can find some in any kitchen. Nevertheless, with the growing success, you can now find dedicated utensils for this specific preparation.

The preparation equipment

You've baked some cakes, and you have some unused pieces left over, too many to throw away, at the risk of wasting food. So don't get worked up, make cake pops out of them. All you need is a hen's arse or a glass bowl to put the pieces in and crumble them with a fork. Then, a kitchen spatula will allow you to mix the product obtained with the other binding ingredients, the aim being to obtain a paste sticky enough to be able to carve it properly. If necessary, you can use a blender to mix with the cake pops material you already use.

The making material

When the mixture is ready, start the next step: place the preparation in a cake pops tin and let it bake for a few minutes in the oven, allowing the new dough to become completely homogeneous. Then unbake and let cool until you can start shaping. The sticks, the main part of the cake pops material, are used here. They will first be used to make holes in the lollipop cake, then once they are coated with chocolate, you can stick the preparation into them. Finally, to speed up fixing, your freezer will be used to solidify the melted chocolate, which will freeze the structure.

The presentation material

When they come out of the freezer, the cake pops are ready to eat. But before tasting these delicacies, the pleasure must start with the visual. A beautiful display is part of the cake pops material to give it its full value. Nowadays you can find various prefabricated models that can be adapted to various themes. Alternatively, you can always choose to use a fruit or vegetable as a display.
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