The madness of the mug cake: a story and a recipe that can’t be ignored!

Entertaining friends, even in the simplest of ways, can be an intractable headache.  How to combine simplicity, conviviality, greediness and culinary satisfaction? Straight from the United States, can be served sweet or savoury, as a starter or dessert, prepared and cooked in a few minutes, the cup cake can come as a backup.

What is a mug cake?

A variation of the cup cake, a small individual cake, which has been baked in the kitchens and families of the United States. Very trendy at the moment, whether it is because of its simplicity or the fact that it is easy to prepare, the mug cake can be served at any time on any occasion. What's more, this little sweetness can be served as a starter or dessert, sweet or savoury.  And best of all, less hassle for the dishes since the mug-cake is served directly in the cup, where it has been prepared and placed in the oven. The mug cake can be served in several recipes such as cookies or brownies, and even cappuccino for coffee lovers. Here are some mug cake recipes to help you understand what it is.

Recipes and possible variations

The mug cake can be declined according to your desires and your madness of the moment. Indeed, there is no predefined mug cake recipe. The main thing is that it's good, easy to prepare and easy to cook. Several variations or declinations of sorts of sweets can be represented. An example of a sweet mug cake is the chocolate mug cake, and a must for fans of dark chocolate, because it is an opportunity to use your 100% chocolate. For children who are reluctant to eat carrots, the carrot and cinnamon mug cake is also possible. You can also choose the ingredients by color theme, and make a red fruit mug cake for example, or a banana mug cake to have yellow. For savoury recipes, it is according to your desires, to make recalcitrant children eat vegetables, do not hesitate to use this subterfuge and make a variation of a savoury cake. The trick is to mask the taste with what they like: cheese, ham, parmesan, melted cheese, etc. ...

The inratables

It can be prepared from dozens, even hundreds of mug cake recipes, whether sweet or savoury. But the inescapable or unavoidable ones are those with cheese (chorizo, goat's cheese or other) or ham and cheese for salty recipes and those with chocolate for sweet recipes. The basic way to make it inratable is to choose to start from a known recipe and to make it into a mug cake: salty cake, cookie, brownies, or any other sweet or salty sweets you know. In fact, the fact that it is prepared and served in a mug reduces the preparation and cooking time, but the trick is to make sure that it is melt-in-your-mouth and crispy, according to the taste of the guests.
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