Zoom on Ruby, the pink chocolate…birth of the 4th kind of chocolate…

Chocolate is a food that many people around the world are passionate about. Children, adults, as well as the elderly enjoy eating chocolate. In fact, studies have shown that eating chocolate is good for health, especially for an individual's psychological health. More than 80 years ago, white chocolate was invented by experts. It is not only appreciated for its white colour, but also for its exquisite taste. At the moment, Ruby pink chocolate has just entered the market. But what are its special features and benefits? And is it better than other types of chocolate?

Pink chocolate: what is it?

Ruby pink chocolate or simply "ruby" chocolate is very different from the others. It is now part of the classification of chocolates. Just like white chocolate, it has its own specificity. As its name suggests, it is pink in colour. In terms of flavour, it is distinguished by its fruity taste. It is produced from the cocoa bean. If it differs from milk chocolate or white chocolate, it is because it is a chocolate with no added ingredients made up of various berries. It also contains aromas.

Ruby chocolate: what makes it so different?

Do you want to know what really sets Ruby pink chocolate apart from the others? If you are used to eating white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, when you taste the pink chocolate, you will immediately see the difference. The flavour of this chocolate is particularly mild. In fact, it is neither bitter, nor too sweet, nor too milky. And its fruity flavour is very light. And that's why its launch is such a success.

What are the health benefits of pink chocolate?

Milk, dark or white chocolate, they all have virtues on the health of human beings. But what about Ruby pink chocolate? It may be that by eating pink chocolate, the human brain becomes more resilient. For children, eating pink chocolate quickly stimulates their intelligence. Not to mention that compared to other foods, pink chocolate is much lower in calories. Thanks to its special features and benefits, eating Ruby's pink chocolate is already making a buzz around the world.
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