With the pastry robot: all the recipes at your fingertips!

The pastry robot is an indispensable appliance for chefs. It is also an almost indispensable kitchen utensil for many households. Available in several ranges, this equipment can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes, including pastry recipes. Find more information in this article.

To prepare gourmet recipes

The use of a food processor is almost a must when preparing different cake doughs. This machine allows you to easily make cakes, cupcakes or shortbread. It mixes the ingredients perfectly without mixing the fillings (chocolate, dried fruit...). For desserts, the pastry machine is mainly used to beat the egg whites to a stiff peaks. It is essential if you want to prepare festive dishes such as chocolate mousse, floating islands... large quantities for special occasions such as birthdays or baptisms. In this respect, the robot provides both time saving and convenience.

Practical and functional equipment

The food processor is often supplied with additional accessories such as bowls, whisks and spatulas. A suitable model should be chosen according to the requirements. Please note that this machine can make both solid textures and liquid preparations. With a food processor, you no longer need to knead your recipes by hand. It helps you to knead your pizza dough and puff pastry. With this kitchen equipment, say goodbye to tiring work. Some food processors even allow you to prepare thinner pasta such as tagliatelle and lasagna sheets. Others allow you to make homemade drinks or smoothies. In short, depending on the desired use, the right choice of model should be made.

Other advantages of a food processor

There are many advantages to using a food processor for both regular recipes and festive meals. Above all, this utensil allows you not to tire yourself out too much. It also helps you to make pasta that is very homogenous according to the desired textures. As the pastry machine is adjustable, you simply need to adapt the desired level of rotation to your needs. It is also versatile and allows you to create several types of recipes. In some cases, this kitchen utensil can replace a juicer, blender or chopper. Thus, the use of a pastry robot frees you from a weight when making your various dishes.
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