Anti gaspi: all the things to do with fruit and vegetable peelings

For some time now, the goal of reducing the amount of food thrown in the garbage has opened up some great recipe ideas. The anti-waste kitchen has set a new culinary trend towards the use of peelings and other previously unused parts of well-known fruits and vegetables. Of course, organic farming gains an extra point in the process, since it ensures products with zero fertilizer residue, thus favouring total consumption. And when we know that peels contain several dietary fibres and vitamins, there is no longer any hesitation. Here are a few simple and easy uses that will allow you to discover the kitchen from another angle.

Bark as a main ingredient

A few years ago, you used to use only the known edible part of your fruits and vegetables. And yet, you can eat it all. Of course, the recipes are still quite basic and easy to do, since they do not require any great preparation. For example, the anti-waste kitchen teaches you not to throw away potato or potato peelings. Coated with olive oil, then baked in the oven at 400 degrees for about ten minutes and seasoned to your liking, you will enjoy a new type of potato chip with your guests.

Peelings in complementary components

If you are used to making your vegetable broths with real vegetables, you are now cordially invited to concoct one with all kinds of peelings. Onion and garlic skins, broccoli stems, pea or bean pods and beans, and even leek roots can be used to make a proper soup. On the fruit side, the anti-waste kitchen now allows you to transform withered apples or pears into compotes, tired strawberries or tomatoes into coulis, and overripe bananas into candied pasta.

Real natural flavours

Finally, you can now make your own real natural flavours to perfume your preparations. For example, no longer throw away your vanilla beans after extracting the seeds. Simply keep them in your sugar bowl, and you'll find it a pleasure to taste vanilla sugar at teatime. In another context, the anti-waste kitchen invites you to transform your citrus peels into a home fragrance for the various areas of your house, when you have decided not to preserve them as usual.
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