Trend: preparing tea is not so complicated!

Everybody knows tea. Easy to prepare, it requires little more than water, sugar and the tea itself. However, using this product for your dishes can make them original both in terms of taste and smell. So if you want to impress your guests or spice up your daily meal a little, cook with tea. To get you started, here are some recipe ideas with tea.

Put tea in a sweet recipe

Several types of tea are available on the market but to flavor your desserts, choose earl grey tea. It is a tea with the scent of bergamot. Thanks to its slightly strong taste, it goes well with your cakes, whether cakes or shortbread. You can use the powdered tea directly in the preparation but to bring out more taste, we advise you to choose earl grey tea brewed for a while and put it in the cake batter. Green tea, known for its virtues, is also very popular but with its particular taste, many people don't like it too much. Anyway, Japanese green tea also called matcha tea is very famous in the world for its sweet recipes. In fact, its bitter taste evokes in some people the taste of seaweed.

Use the tea in salty cuisine

Tea can also be used as a spice in savoury recipes. Smoked tea, for example, is excellent for seafood and fish. Indeed, the smoky taste reduces the acidity of fish a little and adds a little spice to bland fish. You can also season your rice with tea. It is best to take a less strong tea such as flavoured green tea already brewed but not bitter and mix it with the rice. For meats, choose citrus tea. Ideal to spice them up, especially those of duck or pork, this type of tea is cooked with the meat. Not only will you not feel the taste of the tea but you will have a really exquisite taste.

Make a cocktail with tea

For the last recipe with tea, it can be used to make smoothies or mixed juices. Matcha tea is recommended. No matter what fruit you like, you can always combine it with tea. And it is not difficult to prepare, just mix it with other ingredients and you can drink it.
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